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Nicki Minaj: In 5 Years People Won’t Consider Me a Rapper [With New XXL Photos]

Don’t try to pigeonhole Nicki Minaj. In XXL’s forthcoming May issue EIC Vanessa Satten asked the latest cover girl if she gets tired of being labeled a woman rapper and the Young Money rep revealed that her current position is just a stepping stone in her career.

The rising star is confident that one day she will be more than just a chick who can spit. “You know what, I’m a female entertainer,” Nicki clarified, “but I don’t let it offend me when people call me a female MC or female rapper, because I just look at it as a challenge.”

“I’m about to climb over every single barrier and just put females on a different map altogether,” she continued. “So I take it as it comes. Like, I don’t think in five years people will consider me a female rapper—I’ll be, like, an entertainer. But, as of right now, I get it. I started off in the underground hip-hop circuit, so I’m a female rapper right now. But it’s just the beginning.”

Stay tuned tomorrow (April 9) as we post more from Nicki’s XXL cover story, as well as additional exclusive pictures from the photo shoot.

XXL’s May issue, which features both Minaj and YM label mate Drake, hits stands nationwide on April 20.


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