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Wild Rumor Alert: Former Bad Boy Artist Craig Mack Joins Religious Cult Run By Convicted Sex Offender Brother R. G. Stair? [Audio]

(L-R) Craig Mack and Brother R. G. Stair


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Is Craig Mack the latest ex-Bad Boy artist to undergo a dramatic religious conversion?


Normally I would never report a story like this, but I saw it on XXL.com yesterday. Since that time nobody has refuted it. There’s a rumor going around that “Flava In Ya Ear” rapper Craig Mack has joined the “The Overcome Ministry” cult in South Carolina run by Brother R. G. Stair, who is a convicted sex offender.


The story was first reported by MediaTakeOut, who posted audio of what sounds like Mack during a church ceremony with Stair.


If true, Mack would be the third former Bad Boy Records artist to change religions since leaving the label following Loon (Muslim) and Shyne (Orthodox Jew). Although Ma$e didn’t change religions, he went on to become a minister.



What all of this means, I’m not quite sure. Check out the audio below and see if the voice on it sounds like Craig Mack to you.





Diddy and Shyne during Pashion Fashion Week 2012





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